Getting Started With Christian Meditation

Learn the very basics of Christian meditation in order to get started on your own.

How Do I Meditate?


Sit with your back straight and your spine upright. Rest the frame of your body on the front edge of your buttock bone, and rest your feet on the floor. Place your hands on your lap, knees, or one palm on top of the other.

Relax and Quieten Your Mind

Close your eyes lightly and relax the muscles of your body, especially your facial muscles. Observe your breath flowing in and out. This awareness will help quieten the mind.

Say the Mantra

We recommend the mantra, “Maranatha”. Sound it quietly in your mind or heart. Say it clearly and continuously - “Ma-ra-na-tha”. Listen to the mantra as you sound it. When distracting thoughts arise, let them go and return to sounding the mantra faithfully.


Try to meditate every morning and evening for about 20-30 minutes. It will take some time to develop the discipline. The important thing is to start, perhaps with once a day for 10 minutes and then gradually increase it to 20 minutes twice daily.

The best time to meditate is early morning and early evening, when you are alert. However, we recommend adapting the time to the circumstances of your daily life.

For more comprehensive guidance, browse the courses at The School of Meditation.
Need help structuring your sessions?

Our handy timer app provides the following:

Short spiritual teaching to motivate and inspire you (optional).

A short opening prayer (also optional).

A timed silent period of a duration of your choice, between 10 and 30 minutes.

Chimes to indicate the start and end of the silent period.