Meditation Groups in Singapore

Looking for friendly, like-minded individuals to practice Christian meditation with? Join a meditation group.

Why Join a Meditation Group?

If you meditate or would like to meditate it will be beneficial for you to join a meditation group. A group supports each person’s own daily commitment to the inner pilgrimage that is meditation.  

In its practice, a group reflects the basic teaching on meditation as a journey of love, faithfulness, and simplicity. And they do this by welcoming all who come, meeting regularly and punctually, and keeping to a simple format.

What Happens During Group Meetings?

A group usually meets weekly and lasts for an hour. The format of the meetings is simple: a brief teaching usually through recordings of talks by John Main OSB, Laurence Freeman OSB, and other teachers of the tradition, 20 to 30 minutes of meditation, followed by a short time for sharing, if the group is so inclined. The meetings begin and end punctually.

How to Join a Meditation Group

There are currently about 30 meditation groups in various districts of Singapore. There are also groups that meet online monthly or weekly. If you are new to meditation and/or interested to join a meditation group, please contact us indicating your preferences.”