Beyond the New Year Resolutions …..

January 19, 2022

Beyond the New Year Resolutions …..

A list of ten suggestions to help you in your journey throughout 2022:

1.  Join the reflections on Unified Consciousness: One Mind One Heart

The Guiding Board of the WCCM has selected ‘Unified Consciousness’ as our theme for 2022-2023.  A unique online series of 10 sessions will be held throughout the year introducing teachers from a wide range of areas.  Please click here for more details.


2. Explore online & in-person events

The Annual Programme 2022 includes many other events and online series. Do check it out at the following websites:

-       Annual Programme 2022

-       The Meditatio Centre London


3.  Join a Meditation Group

When it comes to meditation there is nothing better than the practice, and one very helpful thing to keep consistency in your meditation practice is joining a mediation group. You can visit our local community website to find a group or email to find an online group.


4. Nurture your reading

Reading is another important part of our journey.  You can find books by John Main and Laurence Freeman and other teachers by visiting the Medio Media website.

A book review page was also launched recently on the WCCM website


5. Become a Supporting Member

You can help WCCM in its mission by becoming a Supporting Member.  With a recurring monthly contribution, you will have access to a digital library with recordings of events and retreats. Click here for more details.


6.  Join My WCCM

My WCCM is a public online community platform.  It provides an interactive way for our community to come together, engage in discussion, meet other members, and access digital content.  Click here for more details.


7. Subscribe to receive our regular readings

You can join the WCCM Mailing list and receive Weekly Reading & Teachings, Seasonal Reflections, Weekly News and the Quarterly Newsletter.  If you want a short, daily teaching with photo by Fr Laurence join Daily Wisdom.


8. Download the WCCM App

The app includes a timer, links to daily and weekly resources, community news worldwide, information about retreats and online events, online and physical groups and all the other web resources of the WCCM. 

At our local community, you may download the meditation timer to listen to the teachings. There are various timers set with different sets of teachings.


9.  Enjoy the Photo Calendar 2022!

The Photo Calendar contains the dates for major events in the WCCM and Bonnevaux Programme and major liturgical feasts, accompanied by Father Laurence Freeman’s photographs and a short quotation from himself or Father John Main for each month. Click here for more details.


10.  Keep it simple:  say your mantra!

Fr John’s teaching always emphasizes we need to keep it simple.  Try to meditate twice a day.  If you stopped, just re-start.  Don’t evaluate your meditation or think it’s a failure to have distractions, just go back to your mantra.  It is always good to go back to the basic teaching. Click here to learn more.

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