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Laurence Freeman OSB is a Benedictine monk of the Olivetan Congregation, and Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation. After John Main’s death in 1982 he continued the work of teaching meditation that had now begun to develop a global community. In 1991 Fr Laurence established the International Centre of the newly formed World Community for Christian Meditation that is now present in more than 100 countries. Fr Laurence gives retreats, leads seminars worldwide, and nurtures interfaith dialogue.


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A Short Span of Days

How is it possible that patients at the terminus of life have been known to say: “This last year has been the best year of my life”? Fr Laurence shows how meditation opens the way to this breakthrough.
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Aspects of Love

These talks dwell on three aspects of love: love of self, love of others, love of God. Meditation is the regular discipline that gradually leads us to love ourselves, others and God
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In these talks on the centrality of caring in human life, Laurence Freeman explores how we can all learn to care better for each other and to realise that we are ultimately cared for.
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Christian Meditation - Your Daily Practice

This book is helpful for anyone seeking a deeper spiritual life. It is especially useful to those exploring the basic teaching on Christian Meditation as a way to depth and meaning in their life. Laurence Freeman deals clearly and usefully with the simple
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Harmony In the Soul

Fr Laurence explains that harmony in the soul is found not in fighting our dark side but in re-integrating it with our true self.
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Is There A Way Through?

Two spiritual leaders suggest a way through today’s crisis of conflict and violence: the development of contemplative consciousness through the wisdom of meditation. This leads to inner harmony and empowers us to work in the world.
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Lessons for the Living from the Dying

Reflections on life, death, suffering, meaning, healing, and wholeness from the experience and authority of a spiritual guide, a patient, and a medical practitioner.
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Like A Child

A child has a natural capacity to experience God as boundless and unconditional love but the experiences of life may teach it to fear and doubt. Meditation as a way of prayer will enable children to stay in touch with their early experience of God, which
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Lord Teach Us To Pray

Fr Laurence invites us to go deeper in prayer. To pray deeply, he says, we need to discover what prayer really is. For prayer to be Christian it has to correspond to the teaching of Jesus on prayer.
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Losing and Finding

A profound understanding of losing and finding that points us to the gospel way of seeing things. All spiritual teaching calls us to voluntary renunciation, Fr Laurence explains, and Jesus’ life is the full human expression of this call.
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Loving the World

Fr Laurence challenges us: We are responsible for today’s environmental crisis and so we can change it. He explains how meditation helps us do this. It puts our ego back in place and we come to see that we are all one and that our actions are mutually ben
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Meditation - The Way of Faith

To live in faith is to live in love. That is the new understanding of faith Fr Laurence opens us to in this profound examination of the subject. Meditation, Fr. Laurence says, makes us see the meaning of being a faithful human being.
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Peace - not as the world gives

In a world that breeds competition, anxiety and conflict, how can we find true and enduring peace? It is found in the deep order and harmony of the human heart, Fr Laurence says.
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Pilgrimage - The Way of Christian Meditation

The Pilgrimage DVD which comes with 11 subtitles, introduces the way of Christian meditation, and the work and vision of The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM).
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Practising Dying : A Contemplative Spirituality

Jesus taught this in the Gospel and by his life. Authentic spirituality in our materialistic world, Fr Laurence says, must involve the practice of dying to our egotism. To do that we need a spiritual practice that we can integrate into our life and that e
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Return to the Centre

What uncentres us is a crisis of some kind. Nobody wants to be in crisis. However, it is often the means by which renewal takes place.
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Spiritual Community

Drawing on Christian and Buddhist teaching, Fr Laurence explores the nature and challenges of friendship and community in spiritual life. He explains how the work of attention in meditation creates community and enhances relationships.
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The Art of Happiness

“We are designed to be happy”, says Fr Laurence. Yet we are unhappy. How can we be happy? Meditation offers a way from the head to the heart. Fr Laurence shows how the practice of meditation leads to true happiness.
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The Book of the Heart: Stages of Contemplation

Although we cannot measure the spiritual journey, there are certainly stages that we can identify and that help us to persevere and understand what is happening to us...
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The Eleventh Step

Fr Laurence presents a deep understanding of the origin and the process of addiction, and shows how the practice of meditation offers a way to break the vicious cycle of addictive desire.
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