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Meditation - The Way of Faith

To live in faith is to live in love. That is the new understanding of faith Fr Laurence opens us to in this profound examination of the subject. Meditation, Fr. Laurence says, makes us see the meaning of being a faithful human being.
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Moment of Christ

Moment of Christ is the third of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. These talks were given at his monastery in Montreal to groups who came on weekday evenings to listen to and meditate with him. The talks were meant to persuade ordinary people, ma
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MOMENT OF CHRIST: Prayer as the way to God's fullness

In this, the last book he wrote before his death, John Main turns to the source and focus of all his teaching about prayer – the presence of Christ.
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MONASTERY WITHOUT WALLS: The Spiritual Letters of John Main

Right up to the end of his life in 1982, John Main wrote a series of remarkable letters of spiritual direction to WCCM's growing family.
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My Happy Heart

This delightful book introduces children to Christian Meditation as a simple way of love and joy. The companion CD My Happy Heart Sings charms children with its simple and easy song.
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Our Hearts Burned Within Us

After his death in 1982, John Main’s personal copy of the New Testament was found to have many passages marked by him...
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Peace - not as the world gives

In a world that breeds competition, anxiety and conflict, how can we find true and enduring peace? It is found in the deep order and harmony of the human heart, Fr Laurence says.
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Pilgrimage - The Way of Christian Meditation

The Pilgrimage DVD which comes with 11 subtitles, introduces the way of Christian meditation, and the work and vision of The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM).
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Practising Dying : A Contemplative Spirituality

Jesus taught this in the Gospel and by his life. Authentic spirituality in our materialistic world, Fr Laurence says, must involve the practice of dying to our egotism. To do that we need a spiritual practice that we can integrate into our life and that e
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Reflections by Leaders who Meditate

In separately recorded conversations, three leaders reflect on the practice of meditation in relation to leadership
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Return to the Centre

What uncentres us is a crisis of some kind. Nobody wants to be in crisis. However, it is often the means by which renewal takes place.
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SACRAMENT: The Christian Mysteries

For John Main the sacraments in the modern age can only be rediscovered through deep prayer. Deeply rooted in theological tradition, he also sees the sacraments freshly as healing, enlightening mysteries of the mystical dimension. In this simple book he o
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Silence & Stillness in Every Season

This collection of John Main’s teaching from his talks and books draws the essence of his teachings of Christian Meditation into one volume. Every morning and evening these daily readings offer gentle encouragement and wise inspiration. Laurence Freema
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Spiritual Community

Drawing on Christian and Buddhist teaching, Fr Laurence explores the nature and challenges of friendship and community in spiritual life. He explains how the work of attention in meditation creates community and enhances relationships.
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Still Present - The Life and Legacy of John Main

This seminar marked the 25th anniversary of John Main’s death. 6 speakers from various fields addressed contemporary issues speaking from their personal experience of the way of prayer that John Main taught.
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Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord

What people today need most, Fr Frans says, is “not more theories about God, but rather the experience of God – to become deeply aware of God’s real presence”. St John tells us: “Anyone who believes has eternal life.” (Jn 6:47)
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TASTE AND SEE: The Goodness of the Lord (Book)

“Anyone who believes has eternal life.” (Jn 6:47) Fr Frans reminds us that our call as Christians is to own this mystery and to experience God’s presence as a reality.
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The Art of Happiness

“We are designed to be happy”, says Fr Laurence. Yet we are unhappy. How can we be happy? Meditation offers a way from the head to the heart. Fr Laurence shows how the practice of meditation leads to true happiness.
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The Book of the Heart: Stages of Contemplation

Although we cannot measure the spiritual journey, there are certainly stages that we can identify and that help us to persevere and understand what is happening to us...
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The Christian Mysteries: Prayer and Sacrament

The Christian Mysteries: Prayer and Sacrament is the second of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. John Main believed that meditation verifies the truths of Christian faith from one’s own experience. His reflections on the Sacraments show how this
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Results 41 - 60 of 91